High country lake Evening fishing

Tour 5:


Canterbury High Country Lakes Fishing
Seasonal fishing (Nov/Dec to April) in the numerous lakes and rivers of the Canterbury High Country.
(River conditions and weather permitting)

Stunning reflections

There are many wonderful lakes in the Canterbury High Country all relatively close together, so there is always a new challenge whether spin or fly fishing - depending on wind conditions at each lake.

Some lakes are fly fishing only and we are happy to advise those who would like to try their hand at this addictive sport.

Stunning reflections in a tranquil location Solitude guaranteed

Apart from the joy of fishing, the magic surroundings with wonderful reflections are just stunning. You usually have the whole lake to yourself and can spend hours just working your way around the little bays and inlets on one lake or have an hour on one before trying the next - the choice is yours.

We can take you to as many places as you like, each un-crowded and with an abundance of fish.

Still water allows you to see the fish The fish can see you also Wind puts a ripple on the water

With such wonderful clear still water it is easy for the fish to see you, but when the wind puts a ripple on the water you have a better chance of getting that big one on the bank.

Catch and release trophy trout Lakeside catch

Once landed you can release your catch after being photographed or take it home for tea.

Lake reflections to die for A light dusting on snow can appear even in high summer

With so many lakes to choose from, some lining up one after the other to be fished you will wish you could stay forever.

Happy fly fishing party Rare Southern Crested Grebe habitat

With many lakes not yet visited there is always another day tomorrow and a chance to land the one that got away or perhaps see the rare Southern Crested Grebe as well as White Herons that frequent the shallows.

Comfortable bedrooms Norwest sunset

After what we hope is a successful day of fishing your party will overnight in this quality hosted accommodation in another stunning location with bed breakfast and evening meal all prepared for you.

You might like a round of golf at a world class course close by, or just sit and watch one of our famous "Norwest Sunsets" unfold as the sun sets behind the mountains.

Quality hosted accommodation

Fly fishing lessons Helpful advice from your guide Fishing solitude surrounded by mountains

If you have never fished before (or would like to learn the art of fly fishing) your guide is quite happy to give lessons, staying with you whilst you put into practice what you have just learnt before leaving you to enjoy the tranquility at the lake side as he retreats to a discreet distance.

Safely landed Removing the hooks for you Capturing the moment

If you get info difficulties your guide will come to your rescue. When you catch one he will be quickly be on hand to help you land it and of course we capture the moment for you.

Turquoise waters from the Alps A nice 16lb salmon Ideal salmon water

Your second day can continue exploring the many lakes you won't have managed to fish or you can try your luck in one of the many braids of the large snow-fed rivers for salmon.

High country tarn Tussock flanked stream Spawning stream Ideal trout habitat

Many of these large rivers are also fed by nursery streams where as well as having a resident population of trout the salmon come to spawn in the autumn.

World class trout stream Salmon spawning Autumn is spawning time for salmon

One such stream has crystal clear water where you can see the salmon jumping the rapids. After leaving the sea and travelling a great distance up the river they find the very stream they were born in, spawn and then die, thus completing their life cycle. At such times you can hardly cross this stream without standing on them, and that is not a fishy tale!

These fish can grow up to 40 lbs+ and of course are much sought after when they first enter the rivers when they are gleaming bars of silver. After several months of running the gauntlet with fishermen they reach their "home" high in the mountains and wait for others to arrive before a frenzy of spawning which is quite spectacular to see in the autumn.

The road to the back country Refreshments Endangered wildlife habitat

A journey through this wonderful high country would not be complete without morning and afternoon tea and a picnic lunch which we can have anywhere and any time - we are spoilt for choice. If the fish are biting and you are not hungry lunch can wait - our time is your time and we can do what ever, when ever you like.

Lake tranquility Fisherman in lakeside flowers Wind on the water

We do not adhere to timetables, and if you want to fish for only a short time each day there are plenty of sights to see. Lord of the Rings country is not far away if you want to include a trip to fish the lakes in "Middle Earth" near the film locations we are happy to take you there. There are also bush walks and scenic reserves that can be visited.

A nice rainbow trout Brown trout Feeder stream

Whether you are an avid expert fisherman out to catch the big one or you just want to cast a line into a river or lake we can help make your dreams come true.

Two Days Fishing, Transport, Guide, Tackle, All meals and Accommodation

$1500 per person including GST (minimum fare 2 adults)

  • Fisherman's Paradise
  • Fish for trout and salmon in the rivers and numerous lakes
    (some seasonal and fly only)
  • Truly spectacular locations
  • All tackle provided (2 Day Fishing Licences required)
  • 4WD Transport provided
  • Experienced fishing guide provided
  • Fly fishing or spinning
  • Lessons for the beginner
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Delicious Kiwi style picnic lunch
  • Quality overnight accommodation with all meals in a truly stunning location






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