Going overland Mountain views


If you have your own 4WD but are unsure where you can take it why not join us on a Tag A Long basis. We welcome you on any of our tours or we can create one especially for you.

Sandy and Phil Cooke your hosts Early tag a long tour

Sandi and Phil are happy to be your guides. 4x4 Adventures started several years ago by escorting people into the high country. We found many people had a "shiny" 4WD that only went to the supermarket and that people were afraid of going "off road".

River crossing Tag a along tussocks

Many people did not know how to cross rivers, descend steep slopes nor even where they could go. Then there were the "what ifs." What if we get lost, get stuck, breakdown etc? With most places out of coverage, taking a cellphone was hardly the answer. Then there was the question of who to ask for permission as knowing whose land you were going to be on was another story.

Out in the hills Scenic splendour Access made easy for all

So many people we knew kept asking if they could come out with us when we went fishing or exploring that it became a regular thing and 4x4 Adventures was born. It has developed from there into chauffeured tours, mainly for overseas visitors who don't know the country at all. However, we like to keep in touch with our roots and still like to give people the chance of enjoying their own vehicle.

Visit places not accessible without a 4WD Early morning mist A storm approaching in the mountains

For safety it is always best to travel with at least one other vehicle. A bright sunny day can quickly have mist come down or a storm can blow in fast. Travelling with a 4x4 Adventures guide ensures that at least one of us knows where we are at all times!

Cloud lowering over the lake Track though native bush Small river crossing

We will provide everything for you - morning and afternoon tea, Kiwi style picnic lunch, accommodation if you choose an overnight tour and all permits and track fees are included in the price.

Deserted coastline Book the car wash please Should have had a 4x4 Adventures guide - A river crossing comes to sad end!

The only thing we don't provide is insurance for your own vehicle and a car wash after!

We do our best to get you and your vehicle home safely but there is always someone who thinks a 4WD will go "anywhere" sometimes to its detriment when it meets a sad end!

You travel with us at entirely your own risk but as we are "scenic" tours rather than "extreme 4WD" - your shiny city vehicle should be safe if not clean as long as it is high clearance. Vehicles like Subaru stationwagons etc will NOT make it.

As hire car companies don't allow their vehicles off the tar seal more and more intrepid tourists are finding us and booking our chauffeured tours so that they can look at the views rather than looking where they are driving!

If you are from overseas and want to hire a 4WD to specifically go "off road" we suggest Overland 4WD Rentals Ltd, operating from Christchurch. We are proud to be associated with this company and they will provide you with a vehicle and insurance that will allow you to go truly "off road" and travel with us on our routes.

Overland Rentals

Please note that no other hire company allows this - not even allowing you insurance cover if driving on a gravel road. Overland's vehicles start where others finish but book your vehicle early as they are much sought after.

All prices for Tag A Long Tours are as per our normal tours.






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