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What our (some famous) guests said

Comments from some of our clients:

LENNY HENRY - (UK comedian/actor) - Founder of Comic Relief
Lenny Henry Lenny Henry - signed photo

"To Sandi and Phil, Big respect! Thanks for the most inspiring trip. Peace. A truly astounding day out, one of the best days I have had for a long time. Big thanks."

DAWN FRENCH - (UK comedienne/actress) "The Vicar of Dibly!"
"Sandi and Phil, Thank you so much for a fab day out in Middle Earth Scotland/ Lake District/ Cornwall/ Devon etc. but mainly in New Zealand.
We all had a great time, delish tuck, amazing scenery and non stop (EVER!!) commentary.
We all learnt a lot and will certainly tell other talented clever and attractive people like us all about you!
Big thanks and lots of luck with your new venture."
Aug 2004

"Thank you for the wonderful experience, I'm jealous you get to wake up to this. These have been the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen. The commentary of the history of the places we went was amazing and made the tour a bit more special. Cheers for it all, I will be back for sure."
Daniel Bear, Prime TV, Canberra, Australia
Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour
Daniel Bear at Helms Deep - Lord of the Rings 1 day Tour

"I so enjoyed the day exploring the beautiful High Country with you. Your enthusiasm, warmth and knowledge were the highlight of my trip. I look forward to more visits."
Carol Walsh, Adventure Travel Desk, Wayland Travel, USA
High Country 1 Day Tour
Carol Walsh on the Swing Bridge challenge - High Country 1 Day Tour

"I have finally returned to the States having had a most fantastic trip to New Zealand and Australia. I would just like to thank you for a fabulous day of touring to Kaikoura through some spectacular scenery and back to Christchurch. What a great start to my trip to begin with so much beautiful New Zealand scenery. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I really appreciate your knowledge of the area and the effort you went to Sandy to accommodate Heather's gluten free diet. I will have to join you again in the future when I am not so jet-lagged for a riding/fishing trip."
Louise Steynberg, Down Under Adventure Company, USA
Kaikoura Tour
Louise Steynberg, Down Under Adventure Company - morning tea near Kaikoura

"Thank you for a wonderful two days 'there and back again', which could become 'hobbit forming'! Your friendly company, informative chattings, wonderful scenery stops, teas and 'second breakfasts', as well as the awesome stunning splendid stops and views all have made for an excellent and brilliant adventure. The cottage was a very nice overnight place to stay - the fireplace allowed a cozy fire. Viewing and climbing Mt. Sunday and experiencing the expanse of the Rangitata was wonderful but getting there via the Rakaia track allowed us stunning views and pleasant stops in their own rights. A wonderful end to three wonderful weeks in New Zealand."
Professor Phil Sutton, South Bend Indiana USA
Canterbury High Country Stations/Lord of the Rings 2 Day Tour
Professor Phil Sutton's off road travelling position through Canterbury High Country Stations/Lord of the Rings  2 day Tour

"Thank you so much for a truly astounding day, it was all we'd hoped for and much more. The scenery we saw will stay with us for a long time to come and we learnt shed loads thanks to your great in-depth knowledge and will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody and everybody. We very much hope to return one day to see more of this breathtaking place."
Hannah Davenport and Luke Bennett, Rugby UK
Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour
Hannah Davenport and Luke Bennett at The Garden of Eden - Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour

"This has been the highlight of our whole three week trip of New Zealand. The views we saw just could not have been seen any other way - the trip up the Rakaia and Rangitata River valleys to see and climb Mt. Sunday, the location used for Edoras in the LOTR movies. The natural beauty of that and other sites dwarfed their LOTR significance. The more we reflect on our trip the more we realise how special and unique that area is. The views and beauty are so magnificent the experience was truly worthwhile. You are clearly in love with this land and your enthusiasm was transmitted to us and the land came alive with your commentary. You are wonderful hosts and keepers of the spirit of the land."
Barbara Sutton, South Bend Indiana, USA
Canterbury High Country Stations/Lord of the Rings 2 Day Tour
Barbara Sutton with guide Phil - Canterbury High Country Stations /Lord of the Rings 2 day Tour

"Thank you thank you thank you for a memorable and enjoyable day. I really had the best time and you two made it all worth while. It is not often you get the opportunity to hang out with people whom you've just met, who you develop a friendship with so easily. You guys are on to a winner."
Greg Sneddon, Tourism Network New Zealand
High Country 1 Day Tour

"The past two days (and still in the car ride back) have truly been awesome with great memories and experiences that shall remain with me. Over the past five months at this end of the world I've seen some incredible things and the recent sights are amongst the best. Surely the most fun I have had in New Zealand. The wind the rain the shining sun - I'll love and take it all. Magic, it was in short "it kicked ass"! I've loved the conversations and little anecdotes. As hosts you guys rock, your happiness and love of life is well seen in the work you put into our enjoyment of it all. Thank you so much. I hope and trust to see you again."
Sarah Sutton, South Bend Indiana, USA
Canterbury High Country Stations/Lord of the Rings 2 Day Tour
Sarah Sutton and vegetable sheep! - Canterbury High Country Stations /Lord of the Rings 2 day Tour

"I have been traveling for 10 months through eight countries and I can honestly say that this is the best day trip I have been on. Very exciting and picturesque, also very informative and a must do for anyone wanting to experience the real New Zealand. Ending the day at the Hanmer hot pool was just bliss."
Angela Brown, Sheffield UK
High Country 1 Day Tour
Angela Brown at Hanmer Thermal Pools

"Thank you for a wonderful day in the most lovingly beautiful countryside. We really enjoyed the trip despite the weird weather. Seeing the site for Edoras and Helm's Deep was a long time desire of all three of us and you have helped us fulfill our dreams superbly. Thank you very much and hope to see you again in the future."
Miguel De Oliveira & family, Brazil
Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour
Miguel, Helena and Sophia de Oliveira, Brazil - river view point - Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour

"Thanks a million, what a fantastic day I had. I enjoyed everything about the trip especially going 'off the beaten track' exploring the real New Zealand. The 4x4 was excellent - much better than being stuck on the 'Magic Bus' or 'Kiwi Experience'. Sandi and Phil you made me feel really safe and it was nice to learn more about the wildlife and plants around that area. The fishing was great and Phil you are a great instructor and I can't wait to fish again. The soak in the hot pools after at Hanmer was a great end to the day. A real personal tour."
Emma Blythe, London UK
River and Lakes Fishing 1 Day Tour
Emma Blyth at Hanmer Thermal pools

"Dear Sandi and Phil, Thank you for looking after us so well on our trip into 'Middle Earth'. We loved our time in New Zealand in your great company and looking at our photos we relived our adventure with you guys all over again what with your wonderful tales about the drovers and your never-ending information about the various different aspects of the small bit of NZ country we saw. We did have an excellent time though and brilliant weather. Perhaps next year we might come back your way and do our annual skiing there."
Chris and Nik Aller, Laine and Peter Wright, Leek, UK
Canterbury High Country Stations/Lord of the Rings 2 Day Tour
Laine and Pete Wright & Nik and Chris Aller

A "Poem" by Laine Wright
We're two couples who come from a place called Leek
Of "Middle Earth" we wanted a peak
So the 4x4 Adventures we did book
A company run by Phil and Sandi Cooke

We travelled across the Plains into the hills
The scenery was stunning, could not get our fill
We stopped in a cottage by Herons Lake
The setting was perfect, the icing on the cake

The quest had begun in the town of Christchurch
For Edoras and Middle Earth we had started the search
A picnic we had overlooking Helm's Deep
It was a memory to treasure and always to keep

Fishing was one thing the lads tried their hands at
Whilst the ladies at the side of the lake they sat
The things that we saw are too many to list
But one thing we did miss was the hills in the mist!

If you go to New Zealand and a great holiday you want to make
The 4x4 Adventure is a trip you must take
Thanks to Sandy and Phil for a wonderful time
We hope to see you again somewhere along the line

Laine Wright in her 'tussock chair' thinking up the poem!

"Many thanks from the Chapman family as today we have been knocked backwards by the trip. Few words can express what we have had the privilege to see and all it has done is fire the enthusiasm to return. Many many many thanks from a family who live in the flat lands where the clouds are always black!"
Rob, Hugh, Ellie and Marilyn Chapman, Cambridge UK
Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour
Rob, Hugh, Ellie and Marilyn Chapman at 'Edoras' - Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour

"Thank you for a glorious day! We enjoyed every minute and all the beautiful scenery, commentaries and delicious treats. You are wonderful hosts and lots of fun. Thank you for making our trip so special - and thanks for the sunshine."
Lauren, Richie, Pat and Dick Perry, Lexington, USA
High Country 1 Day Tour
Lauren, Richie, Pat and Dick Perry at morning tea, High Country 1 Day Tour

"Fantastic - the High Country is now more than two words, Big Green, Big Water, Big Fish, Big Thoughts - all in all a BIG EXPERIENCE!"
Tom Walsh, Boston, USA
River and Lakes Fishing

"Thanks guys, had a great time and to the one that got away - 'I'll be back'!"
Colin Walsh, Boston, USA
River and Lakes Fishing

Tom and Colin Walsh, 1 Day Fishing Tour

"Going on your 4x4 adventure was the highlight of my holiday. I knew NZ was beautiful but so many wonderful mountains and lakes that no one ever visits. Much nicer than the coach tour we went on last time with too many people. It was nice to get away from the big tourist centres and enjoy some quiet time with nice Kiwi guides - you both are great hosts. With a commentary throughout from you it was a very personal tour as we could ask endless questions to which you were never stuck for words which really brought things to life. The food supplied was wonderful especially as you went to so much trouble to cater for my special diet; it was very much appreciated and has always been a problem on other tours. The day we spent fishing with you was also great. Having never caught a fish before I was well pleased with that 10lb Kahawai at the river mouth. Thanks for looking after an ancient old guy like me and keeping me safe. All in all a wonderful time. Thanks for the memory, will recommend you to friends. Being over 80 now I hope I will live long enough to return to do some more of your tours - you are the best."
Ken Cotton, England
Narnia/Lord of the Rings film locations 2 Day Tour and River and Lakes 1 Day Fishing Tour
Ken and Marjorie Cotton, Narnia film set

"Never having been on a 4 wheel drive I did not know what to expect but the wonderful scenery that unfolded before my eyes left me speechless. The commentary from you two filled in everything I needed to know. The scenery was spectacular where Narnia was filmed and looking over the landscape you felt that the lion Aslan could jump out from behind any rock. The cave we went into where the river emerged was amazing and the walk up from the river for a 77-year-old certainly worked up an appetite that was satisfied amply by that huge picnic box. You as hosts made it truly memorable surpassed only by those majestic mountains and the fish Ken caught the next day at the Hurunui river mouth".
Marjorie Cotton, England
Narnia/Lord of the Rings film locations 2 Day Tour and River and Lakes 1 Day Fishing Tour

"There are mountains in this world but none more inspiring than those I saw on my Lord of the Rings trip with you. With your knowledgeable descriptions you could fairly see things happening and I almost expected to see Hobbits popping up on the track. I truly look forward to another adventure with you guys."
Shaun Jones, Hereford, England
Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour
Shaun Jones Helms Deep in winter, Lord of the Rings 1 Day Tour

"Hope to come back and do the full tour sometime. We got a copy of the series of Vicar of Dibley with Dawn French and think of you when we watch it. Thanks for giving us such a great time."
Kate Mathias and Paul Norrish, Australia
High Country 1 Day Tour
Kate Mathias and Paul Norrish, 1 Day High Country

"Thanks - we had a really good time, especially the fishing trip. It was a great experience going through the mountains, learning about the plants, animals and of course fishing in the rivers. It's so beautiful in NZ and we will definitely come back for more!"
Tan Kwee May and Max Ng, Singapore
2 Day River and Lakes Fishing Tour
Tan Kwee May and Max Ng, 2 Day River and Lakes Fishing Tour






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